about us

Building the tools for a better, automated future

Solvice aims to provide companies with the tools they need to solve complex planning, scheduling and optimization challenges that benefit both the company and the individual.

Our Mission

We want to help organisations persuit perfect efficiency with with advanced optimization technology. Data-driven decision-making requires better tools. We are building the optimization building blocks for a better and automated future.

Our Vision

We consider it our responsibility to make applied mathematics available in a transparent and explainable way, so organisations can improve their impact.

The humble beginning of Solvice

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. We needed better tools to do our job, so we built them. Our first solver was embedded in an end-to-end application supporting the planning of medical residents, in collaboration with the University Hospital of Leuven. A few months later, we founded Solvice in Ghent. After that, we pivoted from building planning applications to solving complex planning optimization problems.

Today, Solvice is a company that enables companies to work faster and smarter with decision-making tools based on Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research.. By making this technology part of every company’s toolkit, Solvice enables innovators across various industries - from developers to the largest organizations - to improve their efficiency.

Our people

At Solvice, our passionate people are highly skilled and know their business. Solvice’s close ties with the academic world ensure that our people are operating on the cutting edge of new technologies and developments in the fields of analytics and optimization. The added value of leveraging data and mathematics can be realized in virtually every business process and every industry.

What we value at Solvice

At solvice, we believe that if a team wants the same thing, it doesn’t matter how exactly they get there – they will find a way.

Solve complex problems.

We get excited when tackling new problems and always try to manage complexity involved.

Take action

There is a mindset before taking action, gathering information on your own while being open minded, receiving feedback and challenging your own assumptions. After you have made a decision, commit and execute.

Keep innovating

Take time to make experiments while reflecting on your work to improve our speed and results.


Understanding the needs and expectations of our customers, the end users and colleagues is crucial to do great work by over-delivering and building products customers need the most.

Be transparent

Try to be as transparent as possible about why and how you make your decisions. This means that we discuss in an open way, where there is room for thoughtful disagreement. This way of working results in distributed responsibility and a chance for anyone to leave their mark.

Create a great atmosphere

Solvice is more than just work. We are proud of the cool things we do as a company. We are excited about bringing in new talent to join our team or pitching new solutions. After work dinners and drinks, funky team activities make us more than just a group of colleagues.

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