Picking Path Optimization

Manage your picking activities by sequencing them in the perfect route throughout your warehouse. Free up congestion by integrating real-time positioning with advanced routing optimization.


Decrease total travel time in your warehouse

Search and travel time take about 70% of the total picking time and this time is partly unproductive time. We have shown to improve routing efficiency with up to 28% by suggesting optimal routes that take into account stackability constraints, capacities, priorities and predicted travel time based on a predefined layout.

Control aisle congestion

Pickers on the same aisle can form congestion and reduce efficiency even more so. When integrated with a positioning system, picker routes can be adjusted in real-time in order to reduce potential congestion.

Heatmap based prediction

Analysing current movements in the aisles as well as predicted movements will result in a time-based forecast of which zones in the warehouse will be crowded and which not. These zones will then be highlighted in the resulting heatmap. Time based heatmaps are a great source of information for doing warehouse layout analysis.

Advanced path optimization takes into account your warehouse layout and provides the optimal routes for all your order pickers in real time to increase efficiency and reduce travel time by up to 43%

key features

Optimize your order picking operations

OnRoute takes into account several key elements when optimizing your indoor routing problems. It assigns orders to your pickers, managing the complexity of your picks while minimizing the total travel time.  A non-exhaustive list of such elements is given below:

  • Clustering fast-runners
  • Sequencing according to product weight and form factor
  • Stackability constraints
  • Heatmap predicted indoor traffic

solution details

How it works

OnRoute uses order, inventory and location data from your WMS and other systems and applies real-time optimization to create optimal work orders. OnRoute then uses a virtual model of your warehouse or facility to define an optimal picking sequence or travel route. OnRoute considers multiple factors, not just travel distance, to determine the most efficient pick path: travel distance, zone order, order picker start and end points, travel costs (e.g., turnaround), and aisle direction restrictions.

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